People to People bike rental.

Powered by cryptocurrency.


What is Bitbike

The Bitbike service is an eco-friendly platform where you can rent a bike from local people or rent out to others your bike when you aren't using it. Anywhere in the world using Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

Whether it's a vintage bike for city excursion, mountain bike for a mountain’s lover for a country weekend in the rolling hills or maybe even a tandem for romantic evening, Bitbike gives you a broad range of choices of bikes to rent anywhere. In addition, you can rent out your own bike directly, people to people, on the site, or with a mobile device or tablet. Perfect for travelers.

Press about Bitbike

How it works

Top up your balance

Download App or visit Web App. Log in and top up your balance with Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens or other cryptocurrency.

Select a bike

Select the city. Choose the bike that you are dreaming about. Browse photos and feedback.

Rent and Ride

Rent bike and meet with bike's owner. Scan QR code with app and enjoy your ride.

When & where

In the spring of 2018 in the 5 most popular cities in the world by Bitbike users voting results.

At the first stage we will launch our app in the 5 most popular cities in the world by voting results on our website. If you want Bitbike service in your city then vote. Second stage - worldwide.

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